Guide to the Major Houseboat Manufacturers

When it comes to houseboat manufacturers, you can find custom, standard, and luxury houseboat builders. They employ different designers and engineers, and each manufacturer has their specialty. When it’s time for you to choose a houseboat manufacturer, there’s surely a boat builder that’s perfect for you. Depending on your preferences, there are low-cost models and high-end luxury models and plenty of in-between. Some models are designed for cruising, some are designed to be a solitary or a couple’s home, while some are designed for entertaining large groups.

Going for the right boat builder is an important step for your houseboat hunting.
Below are the major houseboat manufacturers out there and if you want to ask for help from expert boat builders and marine fabricators, contact Blacker Marine.

Adonia Yachts

Adonia Yachts, a relative newcomer to the houseboating scene, is known for its beautiful, customized luxury houseboats. The company opened a state-of-the-art 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in St. George, Utah, to focus on unique and high-end houseboat built with distinguishing exterior lines and precise interior styles. It offers modern-style houseboats that can capture the tastes of the younger generation.

The company builds a wide variety of yachts, including houseboats with an open floor plan, a two-story boat with open atrium, a yacht with a 270-degree view of the main salon, a deep hull, and a boat with ten bedrooms. The most desired features offered by Adonia Yachts include docks that fold out of the side of the boat, a movie theater, a fire pit, and a master bedroom on the second deck.

Bluewater Houseboats

Bluewater Houseboats is a boat rental company where visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Sailing away in a choice of 10 houseboats can offer you the vacation to remember. Each unique boat styles offer attractive rates to suit all budgets. This boat line offers standard-design boats for rent.

The location is the halfway point between Calgary and Vancouver, making it a convenient place to start a vacation. The water in the lake is calm with an ideal swimming temperature during July and August.

Bravada Yachts

Arizona-based Bravada Yachts is offering attainable luxury houseboats. The company believes that Arizona has the most beautiful and iconic lakes in the world, and it’s worth exploring. With their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, the company is making waves in the industry with its innovative and modern designs that are fresh to the eyes.

Every Bravada Yacht houseboat looks legendary and super expensive, but the company can offer attainable luxury by providing factory-direct shares on a multi-owner boat. They can even find boat partners for you. Through splitting overall costs between a few owners, you can get a houseboat with high-end luxury experience for less than the cost of a cheap condo.

Catamaran Cruisers

Since 1981, Catamaran Cruisers has been providing affordable houseboats. Their product offerings are easy to buy, easy to maintain, and easy to enjoy. This simple principle helped the company to stay afloat for almost 40 years. This houseboat builder offers a full line of fiberglass catamaran with multiple chambers ranging in sizes from the trailerable 8- by 31-foot to the large 14- by 62-foot Catamaran Cruiser. Their houseboats are a popular choice for saltwater use because of the fiberglass construction, stainless steel fasteners, and aluminum door frames.

All floor plans for Catamaran Cruiser houseboats feature full cabin width with one-level cabins and no small stairs or cramped sleeping berths. Each houseboat model is designed with uncluttered helm, reliable outboard, and home-like necessities. Their houseboats can be used for cruising, too. They offer reasonable prices and amazing customer service.

Destination Yachts

Destination Yachts is a houseboat manufacturer from Indiana, which had long ties to the houseboating industry. The company was launched in 1998, but the founder Sheldon Graber started Myacht before, which was eventually bought out by Tracker Marine. After selling the company, the owner felt the need for a houseboat built on a twin hull but had a higher level of quality and design than other models available. Every houseboat offers an old-style Amish skill and craftsmanship.

The brand is affordable for the everyday person. Destination Yachts is a full-line manufacturing company that keeps its designs based on price-point boats. They also create high-end deck boats with a low rear swim platform, quality sound systems, Rotocast seating, and plenty of room for your guests.

Eco-Sea Cottages

Eco-Sea Cottages offer a collection of ecologically designed and economically priced houseboats. The company offers three types of fabrication: wood-framed, metal-framed, and all-fiberglass Savantis, their newest model options. They were first distinguished with stationary wood-framed houseboats like their two-story ranch model.

Among the three types of boats they offer, the Savantis offer home-like interiors, but the boat itself is ruggedly built for cruising America’s lakes and coastal waters. All their houseboats are fully-equipped, liveaboard vessels.

Gibson Boats

Gibson Boats is a company that produces a hybrid between a houseboat and a cabin cruiser. Their boats offer cruiser-like performance with houseboat-like amenities. The boats they make are also saltwater-ready, so you can find a Gibson boat all over the world.

Founded in 1968, the company has been an expert in building boats, contributing to the quality and tradition of the brand. Gibson Boats originated as a family-owned company but has been passed on to another family of boating enthusiasts.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

Harbor Cottage Houseboats are created near the beautiful Lake Cumberland in south-central Kentucky. It’s one of the pioneers of the houseboat industry, providing a quality, cottage-style option for houseboat buyers. They make houseboats in the form of tiny homes, and all have a charming cottage-style appeal. The company also rents out their creations as a vacation home.

The houseboats they manufacture can be completely customized, and owners will be part of the entire design process. Also, the boats can have propulsion systems or not, making it easy for those who simply want a floating home without the extra cost and maintenance.


MetroShip manufactures catamaran-style liveaboard houseboats styled with a modern, open floor plan, New York loft space designs. The boats are manufactured using prefabricated parts that can be easily customized for commercial hotel or coastal cruiser use with outboard motors. The MetroShip houseboats look like a luxury floating hotel room that’s practical and low-maintenance.

The great thing about MetroShip boats is that they have available dock spaces in one of the sought-after marinas in the world. The owner lived in a MetroShip itself for two years as a product test.

Pluckebaum Custom Boats

Pluckebaum Custom Boats had traced its roots back to 1932 when Arthur Pluckebaum and his brother started building boats. In 1946, the owners built their first Pluckebaum houseboat made with a craft of steel hull and wood superstructure. The brand prides itself on its quality construction wherein every boat is crafted and never assembled.

Every houseboat is custom built to meet every owners’ preferences and specifications. The company also occasionally builds a special purpose commercial vessel that can qualify as a performance yacht. Because of their skillful crafting of every boat, they only create a handful of boats each year.


Another family-owned brand, Sailabration is a manufacturer of custom houseboats where you can have all your celebrations. No two Sailabration boats are alike – they are a company that also allows the customer to be involved in planning until completion. They can build and design a houseboat that you can afford. The company prides itself on fulfilling each customer’s preferred style and budget with optional features.

The manufacturer also offers remodeling, repair, and refurbishment services. So if you’re a boater is looking for a brand-new houseboat, or if you’re looking to refresh your older houseboat, you can rely on Sailabration.

Stardust Cruiser

Stardust Cruisers is one of the oldest, continually-operating houseboat companies in the United States. It’s part of the Trifecta Ventures, but it’s enjoying its own unique history. After launching its first steel hull in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1965, the company has successfully built over 1,500 custom vessels ever since.

The company is known for bridging unique features of houseboats with the sleek styling of a luxury yacht. Many houseboat inventions have started in Stardust Cruisers, such as the wood-free wall structures, and inset-free form windows. Their patented web frame design fortifies the entire houseboat structure, and there are new hull improvements added. The company owns a fiberglass shop onsite and offers custom woodwork and cabinetry. The manufacturer is set to bring a steady flow of unique designs.

Sumerset Houseboats

Sumerset Houseboats had its humble beginnings as Sumerset Marine with its 10- by 24-foot steel bottom with a scow bow. It was Sumerset that built houseboating into a unique lifestyle. Also owned by the Trifecta Houseboats, the Sumerset Houseboat integrates the retro design that made it a much-desired brand with innovative styling and latest design elements.

Houseboats from Sumerset are now built with glass walls to give each boat timeless and sleek walls. Its joint venture with Stardust Crusiers and Thoroughbred Houseboats helps Sumerset continue its premier houseboat status.

Sunseeker Houseboats

Sunseeker Houseboats is a boating company that started in 2003 in Victoria, Australia. These houseboats are like floating houses that have all the comforts that you enjoy at home. The interior facilities are functional and modern. These rental houseboats are docked in the Murray River, where you can also do fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and water skiing, as these activities are accessible from the boat.

All houseboats from Sunseeker are appointed with all modern facilities, and linens are supplied at the price of hire. It’s also child-friendly and designed to be handled easily. The boats also come with full driving instructions provided on departure, giving you an opportunity to be a captain of your own boat.

Sunstar Houseboat

Sunstar Houseboats are in the business since 1995. The company offers top-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedicated customer service. It specializes in custom houseboat manufacturing, ensuring that every detail matches the desire of the owner.

Along with custom manufacturing, the Sunstar Houseboats continues to expand its brokerage business to help the new generation of houseboat owners find the right pre-owned model for them.

Thoroughbred Houseboats

Thoroughbred Houseboats are in business starting 1996 when a group of local craftsmen led by Rob Parrish joined forces for a mission to create the best custom houseboats in Kentucky. The first houseboats rolled off their assembly line in 1997, and the company has been creating premium custom houseboats ever since. Now it’s part of the Trifecta Ventures, along with Sumerset and Stardust.

Thoroughbred offers complete customization and unlimited design options to meet the tastes of the customers. Each of their houseboats is designed with opened interior and a view of the water, thanks to its iconic glass sidewall construction. Lately, this company is developing exterior yacht-style LED lighting, more fiberglass parts, and front-and-back exterior soffit surfaces.

Twin Anchors

Twin Anchors is a rental houseboating company that lies on the spectacular Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It has been hosting guests since 1977, and it promises you a memorable vacation experience. See the sights of the warm, clear water, sandy beaches, towering waterfalls, and lush mountains while aboard the houseboats.

Twin Anchors offer seven different houseboats, all filled with luxury amenities for every group and every budget. Each of the houseboats has a slide – offering fun and excitement.