How to Maximize Storage on a Boat

Having to maximize your storage can help you fully organize the things inside your room. However, maximizing them is never easy, especially if you’re in a confined space like a boat. In reality, boats were not supposed to carry many things in them, but with the right skills and knowledge, you should be able to fit a few more things than usual inside your boat.

How to Maximize Boat Storage

Maximizing your boat storage could be a lot of work if you don’t know how to, and you might even do more harm than good. Fortunately, we’ll provide you some tips on how you can maximize your boat storage with ease.

  • Pocket Cockpit Space: Typically, we would have our things near us. Most of the time, we are inside the cockpit with several things on hand. Instead of leaving them lying around the table or anywhere inside the cockpit, you might want to create pockets hanging on the walls. With that, you can organize your small to medium things inside those pockets.
  • Outboard Management: Outboards can be pretty heavy, even for the smallest ones. That’s also the main reason most boat owners install davits to help secure them in place. However, davits can get quite expensive, and not everyone can afford one, plus it takes a considerable chunk of space once it’s installed. However, what you can do is instead of using a davit, you can purchase a shackle, block, and tackle. You should then be able to hang them in the deck that will serve alternative lifting device.
  • Rode Wrangling: We can all agree on how much space a line rode can take up. Fortunately, you can purchase a flat rope reel that can hold up roughly 265 feet of flat polyester on your deck. What you can do is mount them to the railing alongside an etched measure so you can see how much line is out.
  • Fasteners Box: Boats, for the most part, comes with hundreds of bolts, nuts, and clamps. So, it’s safe to say you have a lot of them hanging around your boat unattended. What you can opt to do is using a tackle box as your main fastener box. It’s a great alternative, too, since the organized design makes it easy to segregate the fasteners you have.
  • Safe Keep Perishables: Once you store produce in your boat, they get worn out quickly, especially if you hold them on your counter space. One alternative you can go for is using makeshift hanging storage out of a hammock. Once it’s appropriately sewn, you can then secure them in place around the cabin and hang those fruits and vegetables with ease. It’s a great alternative since even it swings around, it won’t get bruised because it won’t be hitting the walls.
  • Use Square Containers: Using square containers for your necessities such as sugar, chips, beans, etc., will help you organize space properly. With square containers, you should be able to stack them with ease and place them securely in drawers or cabinets. You can also label the containers so you can quickly identify which is which.
  • Vacuum Seal Bulging Items: Blankets, jackets, and towels can still take up space even you fold them properly. So, to maximize the space you store them in, you can place them inside a vacuum seal bag, then suck the air out until it shrinks to smaller sizes. Once it shrinks, you can now start stacking or storing them properly without leaving unnecessary space.
  • Switch to Silicone Kitchenwares: Using typical kitchenware is possible when you’re in the boat. However, switch to those collapsible silicone items. You can instantly save a lot of space inside your countertop or drawer by simply collapsing them flat. It’s also a great alternative since you can easily clean them due to their texture. 
  • Knife Blocks: Making use of knife blocks is way better than having a knife drawer. Knife blocks offer much better security from your knives since it’s well slid inside the block, unlike in a drawer. It’s less likely you’ll find yourself dodging from flying knives across the room if you decide to use a knife block.

Maximize as Much as Possible

Maximizing space on your boat doesn’t mean you have to create a separate storage room for everything you have. As long as you’re not wasting a massive amount of space for unnecessary things, that’s already maximizing storage. There are other ways or means you can maximize storage, you just need to be creative and crafty about it, but this list can be your starting ground in learning a few more.