Top Locations to Drop Anchor

As a boat owner, you have the freedom to sail the seas and go on adventures that non-boat owners can only dream of. Sometimes, though, the problem is you have too many choices, which can cause analysis paralysis. Fortunately, many boaters have hit their Lewmar windlass switch to drop anchor in some of the most incredible destinations in the world and have provided their favorites to help you make your decision.


While you can visit Greece without sailing there, why would you? This gorgeous Mediterranean country is surrounded by six different waters, making it a multi-visit possibility. You definitely won’t be able to explore all six waters on one visit, as each one could take up an entire sailing season itself. Visit Sykia on the southern edge of Milos, but be sure to wait until the tourist boats have gone to port. Otherwise, it might be a tad crowded.

Milos itself almost seems to have been designed to be explored by boat. The sheer cliffs, hidden caves, and breathtaking moonscapes will keep you captivated for hours. And don’t forget to explore the caves around Sarakiniko on the northern side of Milos. The calm waters in this area are excellent for day trips.


This crescent-shaped string of islands located north of Grenada and south of St. Vincent in the Caribbean Sea is a wonderful alternative to some of the busier Caribbean islands. It’s ideal for sailing because the sun is warm, the waters are clear and calm, and the area is rarely affected by hurricanes or tropical storms. You’ll be moments away from some of the most pristine beaches in the world and the relaxed Caribbean culture is perfect for living the vacation life.

You can choose to stay close to just one of the islands or you can do a little island hopping, which will expose you to a completely different vibe with each landing. In fact, you don’t even have to get off your boat to enjoy some of the unique features of the Grenadines’ “Boat Boy” culture, which encourages vendors to paddle their boats out to you, bringing everything from jewelry, to souvenirs, to delicious foods.


If picturesque landscapes and stunning sunsets are your thing, Tahiti is your dream destination. You simply can’t take a bad picture in Tahiti. Whether you’re capturing the colorful water lapping over the reefs or the magnificent sunset from the deck of your boat, you’ll be the envy of everyone in your circle who is not in Tahiti. 

Additionally, you’ll never lack for things to do in Tahiti. In the summer months, experience the Heiva, an annual month-long festival that begins in July and includes activities like canoe and boat races, singing competitions, dance demonstrations, and an overall party atmosphere. In the spring, watch the locals glide by in their pirogues as they train for the summer competitions.


If you’re not quite sure where you want to sail to this year, give one of these suggestions a try. You might just find your new favorite sailing destination. At the very least, you’ll have made some fabulous memories to last a lifetime.