While Boating, Sun Hats Are a Wise Choice

Having a good hat when you are on a boat or out on the sea is very important. It helps you enjoy your time in the sun and be safe while you do it as well. 

If you plan to spend any amount of time in the sea or on a boat, it is a great idea to get yourself a high-quality sun hat that will keep you safe from the sun. A sun hat should have all-around protection that should not interfere with your movement and also keeps the sun out of your face.

Sun exposure can be really harmful to our health and your skin as well. You can start seeing more wrinkles, dryness, sagging, and more. Therefore it is essential that you have a sun hat on you whenever you are on a boat.

When to wear a sunhat

Sun hats are a critical accessory that you need to have when you are boating or doing anything out in the sun because it helps you protect yourself against the sun’s UV rays. However, you should know when to wear a sunhat as then you will be able to better protect yourself in all situations and never be without one, especially when you need it. Here is when you need to wear a hat to keep those UV rays out of your face.

Days when you need to wear a sun hat

Before you set out for the day, check the UV (Ultraviolet) index for the day. If you are planning on going boating, it is even more important as you would be out in the sun and be in direct contact with the sun. Therefore you should ensure that the UV index values are between 1 to 12. A higher number represents a higher risk of UV damage. Thus, on such days, you should wear a hat and take all the protective measures necessary.

Even if the UV index is moderate to high at 3-7, there is a risk of UV damage. Therefore, you should still wear a sun hat. A UV index of 8 or greater is representative of very high to extreme UV rays and may possibly cause skin damage in under 15 minutes. Thus, be sure to always have a sunhat on hand.

Time of the day when you need to wear a sun hat

The sun emits UV rays all through the day. However, at certain times of the day, the radiations are stringer. The timing of high radiation depends on your location, but generally, it is assumed that between 10 am and 4 pm is when you should be wary of skin damage through UV radiation. If you need to head out for even ten to twenty minutes during this time, it is best that you take a hat with you.

If you are doing outdoor activities such as boating, there is a high chance that you will be out in the sun at this time. Therefore, you should have your boating sun hats ready to go whenever you head out. 

Features you need to consider in a sun hat

When you are buying a sun hat, there are many different factors that you should check out before you make the purchase. If you do so, your sun hat will be comfortable, stylish, and will protect you from harmful rays of the sun. Here are some of the features that you should consider before you purchase a sun hat.

Where you will be using it

Sun hats come in various different shapes and styles. They may or may not have a brim or a chin strap, they may have a mesh top and more. Therefore, it is important to know where you will be using it so that you can get one that fits the activity and keeps you protected. 

If you plan to be in the sun, then a wide brim hat with a chin strap will be perfect. If you indent on playing sports then having visibility is important. You will need a hat that has a brim that is not too draped. Otherwise, it will block your peripheral vision. 

Additionally, if you intend to do something strenuous that might make you sweaty, you may want to choose a sun visor that allows for head aeration. You can also opt for a hat that has a chrome made of mesh or fast-drying fabric. 

The amount of sun you will be in 

A good quality that will save you from the sun, but if you intend to be in the sun when the UV index is high, you need a sun hat that provides maximum sun protection. These boating sun hats usually have a UPF rating of 50 along with a hat brim that measures to be 4 inches wide. It can be larger as well. Furthermore, the brim should be angled downwards, as it helps protect you from the sun when it is ascending or descending as well. Thus you are protected for more hours of the day.

The kind of hair you have

The kind of hair you have also dictates your sun hat choices. If your hair is generally thin or you are bald, you may need a hat that provides extra hair floe that keeps your head cool. Mesh panels on a hat are perfect for that. However, it is important to note that these mesh hats will also allow UV rays to enter as well. 

Therefore if you have thick hair, it may be okay to get a meshed hat. However, if you have hair on the thinner side, get a hat that is fully covered. Such a hat helps avoid the risk of excess UV ray exposure. 

Additionally, if you have short hair, your neck is probably exposed to the sun. Therefore, you need to purchase a hat that has a full brim. A brimless hat or a sun visor can leave your neck open and exposed to sun damage.

Best sun hats 

Now that you know all the things you need to keep in mind when you purchase a sun hat, let us move on to some of the best boating sun hats available on the market.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure

The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure hat has a 3.75-inch brim at the front and a 7.25-inch neck cape that protects you from both sides. It is made using high quality materials such as nylon and polyester that are both lightweight and great at wicking moisture. Thus, this hat prevents you from getting too hot. Furthermore, it also provides excellent ventilation and keeps you cool as you go about your tasks. The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure is also super comfortable and is thus one of the best sun hats on the market.

The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer

The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimer is an extremely comfortable hat that has a brim size of 2.9 inches. Even though the brim size is lacking in terms of sun protection, the hat is extremely comfortable. Additionally, it looks stylish as well. 

This hat also features an elastic sweatband that keeps you from sweating too much. In addition, we also see a mesh crown that allows this hat to be extremely breathable and easy to wear for extended periods of time. The brim is quite floppy, so it may or may not interfere with your vision at times.

Patagonia Baggies Brimmer

The Patagonia Baggies Brimmer is a high-quality sun hat that offers good protection against the sun and looks stylish while doing so. The band size on this hat is 3.25 inches and thus protects you very well from the sun. 

Additionally, it is comfortable to wear as the material is soft and sits well on your head. It also holds up well in the wind and does not flap around too much. There is also an anti-glare material under the brim that helps reduce the water’s glare. This feature is perfect for when you are out boating. Even though the Patagonia Baggies Brimmer keeps you cool, it could have had more ventilation as after some time, you may feel hot.

Filson Summer Packer

If you want a hat that is both stylish and protective, then the Filson Summer Packer is the perfect one for you. It is an extremely stylish fit while also being comfortable and protective. It is a fedora-style hat that has clean lines. Therefore, it looks amazing on anyone who wears it. Furthermore, it is extremely well ventilated, which means that you won’t have to worry about overheating when you are wearing this hat. 

The Filson Summer Packer is also extremely durable as it is made from high-quality material. The only cons to this hat are that the brim is slightly narrow, and the hat itself is not adjustable.


If you plan to do an outdoor activity like boating or playing sports, having boating sun hats is extremely important. Not only do they look cool when you wear them, but they also protect you from a host of sun diseases that you may contract if you stay out in the sun too long. This article lists all the instances where you should wear a hat and what kind of hat you should get to fit your needs. Therefore, never forget your hat when you go out into the sun again.