Great Reasons to Try Out the Best Molokini Snorkeling Tours

There are a lot of things to do when visiting Maui, but one of the best things you can indulge in is Molokini Snorkelling. There are different reasons why you should try out Molokini snorkeling today, but before going into all of that, first, take a look at what snorkeling is.

What is Snorkelling?

Snorkeling is swimming under the water with the aid of snorkeling equipment, such as snorkel tubes, fins, and mask. With the help of these tools, a snorkeller can observe the natural environment setting for as long as possible. The snorkel tube allows you to breathe surface air while under the water, the mask, on the other hand, enables you to see underwater. The Fins are to help swim better and faster by providing extra propulsion underwater.

Depending on the temperature and your level of experience, you might be required to wear fins and a swimsuit/life vest. Are you wondering if this sports activity is for you? No need to fret, snorkeling can be enjoyed by both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Six reasons to try out the Best Molokini Snorkelling Tours

There are a lot of reasons to try out Molokini snorkeling, it is both an educative and fun experience. Still not convinced, below are six great reasons to try out Molokini snorkeling when next you are in Maui.

  1. The whole package in one trip: one of the rights to try the best Molokini snorkeling tours is that you get to experience Maui in different perspectives in one trip. You get to cruise on the water and see the city from different angles. You also get to see marine animals such as whale and dolphins and end your tour with diving the Molokini crater, this can be an enjoyable experience, as it can drop down as far as 300+ feet.

  2. No Need for formal training: Snorkelling is one of the most natural sports almost anyone can enjoy. It requires no formal training, and you can still enjoy it even if you are not an expert swimmer by using a flotation device or wearing a life vest.

  3. Experience the beauty of the underwater world: the surface world is beautiful, but underwater can also be very enthralling. There is little you can see and experience when swimming. But with snorkeling, you can stay under the water longer and get to enjoy marine life. As you would discover, the environment is full of life, with colors and lifeforms of varying shapes and sizes.

  4. Witness marine life in its natural habitat: going to snorkel under the water is like going for a safari trip on the surface. The thrill of experiencing ocean life in its most natural state can only be compared to few. As a snorkeller, you temporarily become part of the environment, and you watch the marine life unperturbed by your presence.

  5. Educative tour: using the best Molokini snorkeling is as fun as it is educative. You are simply in a whole new world. The opportunity to experience a different world is one to include in your bucket list.

  6. Last but not least, the famous Molokini crater is an excellent reason to try Molokini snorkeling. The crater is famed to be one of the most popular spots that coral polyps have settled in the area. Apart from the coral polyps, it is also home to a lot of beautiful fishes that will take your breath away. Another advantage of this spot is the water clarity; this means you can see everything clearly, which adds to the general excitement.

Snorkeling Beginner Tips

Before heading out for your snorkeling adventure, it is advisable to equip yourself with helpful information that will make your experience more rewarding. These tips are mainly for beginners, but can also be useful to intermediate and expert snorkelers.

  • Avoid touching or disturbing the marine life: as beautiful as the ocean is, it is also fraught with potential dangers. Don’t move, examine or disrupt the life around; see yourself as a spectator rather than an actor when underwater.

  • Keep to instructions, and don’t go too far from help, and it is advisable not to go snorkeling alone.

  • Always snorkel in a safe environment. When choosing where to snorkel, it is best to stick to safe places. You can learn how safe the environment is by reading on the levels of currents, depth of water, and rocky shores.

  • Relax and keep calm: it is natural to feel a bit nervous, especially if it is your first time. It would be best if you tried to relax, as this will help you observe marine life without scaring the life forms.


Whatever reason you decide to go for the Molokini Snorkelling tour, it is sure to end up being one of the most exciting adventures ever. Try out Molokini today to gain a personal experience of this fun activity.